Lazkao Sports Centre

This town in Guipuzkoa is about to grow in population by 3000 residents and its urban expansion will start in the same zone as this competition is planned, where there exists a change in level of 15 metres from the old town.

The competition proposals, apart from designing a new sports centre, plans the possible urban connections from its raised level and new urban expansion down to the old town with underground car parks, lifts, covered escalators and squares.

The sports centre proposals separates two clear zones in its different vertical levels: swimming pools above and sports hall below. The upper levels open onto external solarium areas, leisure pools and a cafeteria that have views to the sea. The internal semi-olympic pool can also be converted for external use as it has a glazed movable telescopic covering that can be retracted in the summer whilst being fully closed and climatically protected in the winter.

For economic reasons the lower half of the fašades are maintained yet the upper half would be clad in a low maintenance ecological green fašade.

Location and year of Project:Lazkao, Guipuzkoa, Julio 2007
Project Director:Ramˇn Ruiz-Cuevas Pe˝a.
Senior Architects:Mark Beston, Joseba Aranzabal.
Client:Ayuntamiento de Lazkao,