Arechavaleta Urban Masterplan

This is an urban masterplan whose aim is to create a bioclimatic planning guideline according to the European decree 31/2010 that would:

1. Ecological refurbishment of 5 existing buildings that would limit heating requirements for all units to 20kWh/m2year thus aiming for zero carbon emissions.

2. Use of vernacular sustainable design elements that work in Vitoria-Gasteiz.: Miradores in south facades.

3. Use of low impact local materials to reduce ecological footstep of choices.

4. Use of local species for landscaping and water recycling.

5. Public participation strategies throughout the development of the masterplan.

The village of Arechavaleta to the south of Vitoria will be undergoing a town-hall organized competition transformation with the addition of 2500 residential units. We won a competition to rehabilitate 5 existing blocks, Bustaldea, along with extra units in a new block, Nuñez.

An analisis of the existing urban shape of Arechavaleta gave us the idea of planning a a new residential block that would unite with a glazed pergola the neighboring 5 buildings of Bustaldea and create a new green space for social facilities looking towards the Olarizu mountain.

The new Nuñez block borders a new urban expansion of the existing heart of the village and reduces in volume and height according to each adjacient existing block. The new green space will de linked with new pedestrian links that traverse the new block at street level.

The existing Bustaldea blocks will be refurbished to serve as an sustainable design precedent for the Town Hall.

Location and year of Project:Arechavaleta, Vitoria-Gasteiz Julio 2008
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña, Ismael Martínez Villa
Senior Architects: Mark Beston, Joseba Aranzabal.
Client:Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz, -Ensanche XXI