Aquamendi leisure pools

This external leisure pool belongs to an overall public sports complex that is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Vitoria with a setting that provides views to mountains that were considered when designing it.

Two pools, one for adults and the other for children are provided with all necessary machinery disguised under artificial rocks that also provide access for slides of varying sizes whilst protecting from prevailing winds from the mountains.

A bridge from the pools leads to a paved area below a football ground stand where users can sanbathe. Under the bridge are a sunken beach volleyball court and glazed internal running track. The change of height is resolved by terraces that can be converted into a seating area when there is an sporting event.

Any water used to drain the football pitch and the sunken areas are used to water the indigenous planting and pool areas.

Location and year of Project:Paseo de Cervantes Vitoria-Gasteiz, Julio 2001
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña, Adolfo Moro Quintana
Senior Architects:Eugenio Plágaro Fernández de Pinedo, Ingeniero, José Luis González González, Ingeniero Técnico, Luis Alberto Martínez de srria Ortega, Arquitecto Técnico, Jesús Ramírez Medrano
Client:Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz.