Sustainable House in Orón.

This project´s aim is to build a elegant modern house that meets extensive sustainable criterias. The building´s has a cubic form with each façade designed according to its own orientation. It reduces its volume in the south façade with terraces and more glazing with solar shading in that façade and to the east. The shading is designed to allow paasive gains in winter although control the same in the summer.

Local planning laws allow us to design flat roofs which aide us to position and integrate solar panels in an unobtrusive way and maximise solar gains.

It uses highly energy-efficient materials and extra insulation to prevent any losses and optimise any gains possible. Modern technologies such as geo-thermal pumps are also employed.

Location and year of Project:Orón Julio 2008
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña
Senior Architects:Mark Beston, Joseba Aranzabal, arquitectos
Client:Francisco Alvarez