Covering and seating of Padel Courts.

It was the beauty of the surroundings that inspired us to use an architectural language that dialogued with nature.

Due to the small size of the Padel courts it was not necessary to use an industrial wide-span solution and there were many trees nearby that had to be protected thus inspiring us to imitate these with 15 artificial ´trees´ structural elements. These would be similar but different in shape, colour, height and inclinations like many things in nature: waves, humans, clouds and of course trees.

The materials are low-cost and easy to maintain: concrete foundations, galvanised steel strcutural elements and policarbonate roofing.

These lightweight multi-coloured polycarbonate sheets provide a pleasant environment, both in summer and winter, for 4 courts even reducing solar gains in high temperatures.
The coverings subtly integrate themselves into its natural setting with lightweight structural elements.

Location and year of Project:Plaza Amadeo García Salazar November 2007
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña
Senior Architects:Mark Beston.
Client:Ayuntamiento de Vitoria-Gasteiz, Departamento Municipal de Deportes (D.M.D.)