Casco Viejo Sports Centre, Bilbao

The building provides a facility for swimming and exercising in well-lit double height spaces with white tiled walls with dark niches. Swimmers views are enhanced with an intricate timber-clad ceiling.

The full height glazed façade allows views to the exterior along with reflections on the pool from the interior.

It is fully accessible with hydraulic lifts for disabled users use of the swimming pool, the general circulation is provided with a lift and stairs that connect the ground floor with the gimnasium that overlooks the pool from above.

All of the mechanical filters, boilers and air conditioning units are hidden away in the basement to free the roof for a new public space.

Location and year of Project:Camino del Bosque s/n Junio 2008
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña Adolfo Moro Quintana
Client:Bilbao Kirolak
Budget:1,800,000 euros