URMENDIAN Exterior Swimming Pool, Txundinaga Sports Centre, Bilbao

This project would provide a centre for leisure with swimming pools for 400.000 local residents. Its location with excellent metro and motorway links would mean that its use could possibly increase to 1.000.000 users.

The new glazed roof covering with the shape of an upturned boat would permit the use of pools along with spa therapies for 365 days a year in perfect conditions. This would greatly reduce the deficit of such facilities at present.

This covering would not only provide a pleasant ambient environment throughout the seasons but would also be able to capture rainwater for re-use as grey water, provide views to the basque mountains and enable a large space free of columns.

Location and Year of Project:C/ Circo Amateur del Club Deportivo Julio 2004
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña Adolfo Moro Quintana
Client:Bilbao Kirolak