Rehabilitation and extension of Fishmarket in Bermeo

The building is situated in the port of Bermeo and is used for the manipulation, control, sale and storage of fish which arrives from boats each morning.

Our inspiration came from the image of a boat moored beside the sea that you would see any day in the port. This is translated into a composition of a concrete base, aluminum-clad body and glazed skylights.

The building´s functions are split into two floors, free-span working areas on ground floor and storage and offices in a top-lit first floor.

Skylights provide an upper glazed north fachade towards the town which can be illuminated with coloured low-energy LED lighting at night providing an interesting ever-changing view for the passing public across the bay. They also have solar panels covering the inclined south façade for solar gains.

Environmental design was at the heart of the project and it includes:

1. Local Pine timber (pino radiata) is used for the structure and shuttering.
2. Sea-water is recirculated into the building for grey-water use and cleaning.
3. Recycling excavated earth from the original building in the sub-base of the new project.
4. The building is orientated optimiumly for the maximum solar gains for the panels.
5. Superior sizes of insulation panels and use of heat exchangers and condensing boilers.

Location and year of Project:Bermeo (Vizcaya) 2008
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña
Senior Architects :Mark Beston, Joseba Aranzabal
Client:Departamento de Puertos de Euskadi (Gobierno Vasco)