Research work on the diagnosis and improvement of the efficiency of the thermal envelope of buildings of existing homes in the Basque Country.

AZALA GUIDE - integral Rehabilitation of Buildings in the Basque Country.

The purpose of this guide is TRANSMIT KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND ENTHUSIASM to guide as many people as possible (especially in the construction sector), in best practice of energy refurbishment and revitalization or social regeneration in urban contexts.

This comprehensive guide´s focus is the refurbishment of Building Envelopes, first as a methodological guide, and secondly as a technical aide in setting strategies and best construction solutions, with the research within the Eraikal program and collaborates with the Thermal Area Laboratory Quality Control in Buildings (LCCE) of the Basque Government.

A refurbishment solutions catalogue written by the said Laboratory, which has a more scientific, accompanies the guide. Both documents combine to give a more holistic view of the global problem of building envelope refurbishment.

It offers a constructive global analysis of the different types of existing facades in Euskadi preceding the CTE-2006 with a simplified datasheet further relating each particular type to the Catalogue of Laboratory Quality Control in Construction (LCCE).

It not only aims to explain in plain language the current state of existing envelopes expanding with possible construction solutions and economic analyze describing the period of return on investment of a particular building (c / Laguardia in the neighborhood of Zaramaga City Vitoria-Gasteiz).

In addition to the energy study of envelopes, other themes are discussed such as social neighborhood regeneration. Methodology carried out in the case of the Zaramaga neighborhood are explained, with citizen participation and resolution of grant applications are described.

It ends with a Best Practices Manual for Integral Energy Refurbishment serving as a conclusion to this guide.

The guide is composed of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: General concepts in the field of refurbishment focused through the lens of sustainability.
Chapter 2: Existing State Analysis (diagnosis) with the specific case of Zaramaga.
Chapter 3: refurbishment State (strategies and solutions) with the specific case of Zaramaga
Chapter 4: Best Practices Manual
Annex: Sheets Thermal characterization of land for building facades, construction periods, and type of construction.