Public Infant School , Etxebarri

Children from the first moment that they are born are perfectly conscious of the qualities of light and space.

This idea led us to be inspired to create a space for them that would integrate the maximum amount of sunlight into the design of the building.

We created small pavilions for each classroom open to the south and surrounded by trees, in between which are courtyards and glazed circulation to the existing building.

The deciduous trees allow natural shading according to each season.

Covered areas are also provided for the children with coloured rooflights to further enhance the sensation of the interplay of light and colours.

The materials chosen were: concrete, red cedar cladding, glass and aluminium.

Their roofs are inclined according to the local bioclimatic conditions in order to best integrate solar panels.

Solar shading is provided with brise-soliels to the south.

Location and Year of Competition:Haurreskola Municipal , Etxebarri Septiembre 2009
Project Director:Ramón Ruiz-Cuevas Peña
Senior Architect:Mark Beston, Joseba Aranzabal
Client :Ayuntamiento de Etxebarri