We are a multi-disciplinary practice, fundamentally architects, whose work passionately reflects our interest in architecture and our planet.

We have built wsimming pools, sports centres y sustainable housing.

Our portfolio specialises in designing architecture that has a minimal impact on our own ´house´, our planet.

Thanks to our designs we won a national award for sustainability for the Gamarra building.

Our Bermeo appartments have been built in using modern technologies adapted to existing successful vernacular design in order that its own users maximum energy savings.

We have worked on several research projects with the Basque State government including investigations into construction and Demolition Waste management and an analisis of the thermal qualities of existing buildings in the region.

Our ideology focuses on achieving design quality through working with a high level of enthusiastic architectural interest, particularly in sustainable de-sign.

Ramón has participated in publishing books about OLAGUIBEL, the architect of best union of a walled mediaval hilltown and its subsequent expansion in 19th century.

Before deciding on which type of construction to use, we study the context and its climate.

We explore appropriate sustainable typologies and will use climatic analysis tools and experiment with physical models as aids to achieve the aim of designing the most environmentally conscious project.